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School Curriculum of KinderSchool in Tallahassee, FL

KinderSchool uses our own curriculum combined with the Creative Curriculum. This system includes curriculum, assessment, implementation and evaluation, as well as professional development. KinderSchool Curriculum and the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos translates research from the field of early childhood education into a practical, easy-to-understand approach to working with children and their families. These are comprehensive curriculums with clear organizational structure and focus on routines and experiences.


Learning begins at birth.
The first thing infants learn is trust.
infant room 2
Once a bond is built, the teacher will know your child's individual personality, likes and dislikes, as well as developmental needs. In our infant rooms we incorporate the primary areas of development into the daily routine. Our Infant Teachers encourage babies to explore their emotions by singing songs, finger-plays, reading books and dancing. Teachers talk to our babies and make hand and face gestures for them to mimic. Babies are stimulated with a variety of age appropriate toys (rattles, rings, etc). Infants are given floor time which includes tummy time to encourage proper physical development. Teachers regularly sit on the floor and interact with our babies.
infant room 2


Toddlers are at an age where there is great opportunity to enhance development. Our curriculum is designed to increase their developing skills. Toddlers paint, play with play-doh and color. Teachers sit on the floor and interact with the children. Toddlers express a range of emotions from happy to frustrated. Teachers will teach toddlers to put their feelings into words. Singing, saying fingerplays and nursery rhymes are also ways to expand a toddler's vocabulary. We introduce the KinderSchool curriculum beginning in our Toddler rooms. Repetition and consistency in the schedule are key parts in the learning process.
Children Playing - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
Children Playing - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL


Children of this age are learning their own sense of independence and self-discipline. Although we begin our curriculum in our Toddler rooms, we expand and add to it in our preschool classes. We focus on one letter, one color, one number and one shape each week. Each class has a designated time for a language activity and a designated time for a math activity. The children have times throughout the day when they may choose to play with blocks, dramatic play as well as music and art centers.
Children Sitting at a Table - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
Little Girl Drawing - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
Little Girl Drawing - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
Little Girl Drawing - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
The children love singing, dancing and reading stories. To help children think through problem solving, teachers interact with the children asking questions. Teachers encourage children to solve problems on their own. This enhances their self-esteem and makes the child consider the different possibilities and outcomes.


We prepare children for their journey into elementary school and help them become more independent. Opportunities in art, music, science, dramatic play are provided. Teachers help the children learn how to handle conflicts and help them to make good choices. Learning is easier in a relaxed environment and through child's play. A variety of activities are always available during child choice time. Examples are puzzles, dramatic play, art centers and block. The KinderSchool curriculum is continued with more challenging activities.
Classroom Full of Kids - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
Classroom Full of Kids - Child Development in Tallahassee, FL
KinderSchool is a provider of the Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten for Four-Year Olds. The State of Florida will cover the cost of tuition for this program. Our program is a 3 hour per day program that lasts 180 days from the end of August - first of June. There is no cost for children who attend only VPK. Extended-day care is available before and after those three hours for a fee. (Please see our tuition and fees page). Spaces are limited and are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Children enrolled in the VPK program must meet certain requirements and must obtain an eligibility certificate from the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend.

School Age

Before School Care:

If your child will ride the van in the mornings, he/she must be at KinderSchool no later than 7:40 AM.

After School Care:

If your child will not be riding the van in the afternoons, please make sure you call KinderSchool before 2:00 PM.
Upon arrival in the afternoons, your child will have an afternoon snack and playtime on the playground. If you would like your child to work on homework please complete a homework form and return it to the teacher.
Please do not allow your child to bring electronics (ipads, kindles, gameboys, etc) to KinderSchool.